China, Large Dragon (Cover) : 1879 (27 Nov.)

Envelope to “William Hancock I.M. Customs, Shanghai” showing “Customs/Tamsuy” double-ring origin d.s. of “Nov 27 79” (“27” inverted) in red, “Customs/Amoy” double-ring transit d.s. of “Nov 29 79” in red on reverse, and bearing Large Dragons 1878 thin paper 3ca. brown-red, rough perfs., with sheet margin at right, cancelled by “Customs/Shanghai” double-ring d.s. of “Dec 2 79”, with a matching strike on reverse, envelope opened out for display, slight peripheral ageing at left, very fine and a great rarity. Chan 2.

Sold for HK$2,875,000
By InterAsia Auctions Sale 55 Asian Stamps & Postal History
Lot 347 on June 26-29, 2016