United States 1979 “CIA” Invert


1979 $1.00 Rush Lamp & Candle Holder, intaglio brown color inverted, n.h., v.f.
The CIA invert is one of the bestl known inverted color errors in United States
collecting. These stamps were discovered by an on-duty CIA employee who teamed
up with some colleagues to purchase the pane from a post office. Saving a copy each,
the group later sold the bulk of the sheet to a prominent stamp dealer. News of the
error reached CIA officials who sought to claim ownership and US Postal authorities
who tried to recover the stamps. Official queries, threats, and even job losses followed
the group until the sale of the pane was ruled legal. Only about 80-85 copies exist.

Sold for US$15,000
By Cherrystone Auctions Sale Р0616
Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World – June 7-8, 2016


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